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Indianapolis & surrounding areas

You deserve to feel great in your freshly detailed vehicle, knowing you did something good for your health and the planet.

Eco-friendly Earth
Corvette ceramic coating

Waterless detailing offers a safe and effective solution to the concerns of water shortages, environmental issues, and wastewater laws. The waterless process won't scratch and swirl your paint like automatic carwashes and DIY methods.

Complete Odor Elimination

The odor eliminator travels throughout the entire vehicle, including the ventilation system. Eliminating all odors on a molecular level.

Image by Mike Burke
Image by Jonas Leupe

Interior Screen Protection

Custom fit screens specifically designed for your year/make/model/trim.  Minimize fingerprints and prevent damage to your instrument cluster and infotainment systems.  Fill out the Contact Form below for pricing!


Check out some of my work...

Mercedes interior

Interior Detail

-Complete shampoo seats/upholstery

-1 set of floormats

-Clean, condition, and dress dash, console, leather seats, map pockets, cup holders, vents, switches and buttons, door jambs

-Clean and polish interior glass and chrome...
Car: $250
Hatchback: $275
Truck/SUV/Wagon: $300

3 Rows: $50

Work/Commercial Vehicles: Start at $350

Genesis ceramic coating

Exterior Detail

-Waterless detailing process 

-Clean & polish wheels

-Complete exterior dressing

-Clean and polish all exterior glass and chrome

-Paint decontamination with clay bar

-Iron Decon

-Light Polish

-Paint Sealant

Car: $300


1yr Ceramic Coating:

Starts at $500

includes exterior detail

3yr Ceramic Coating:

Starts at $900

includes exterior detail

Coat Wheel Faces: $200

Tesla dashboard


Odor Elimination: $50

Headliner Cleaning: $50


Engine Bay: $75

Headlight Restoration: $125/pair  Includes Opti-Lens Coating for permanent protection/lifetime guarantee


Screen Protection Installation: $100+

Leather Coating/2 year Protection: $200+

Swirls, scratches, traffic paint, overspray, paint transfer, tree sap, water spots, tar, wet-sanding, biohazards, motorcycles, boats, construction equipment, farm equipment: 

Call for pricing

**PLEASE READ**  All items must be removed from the vehicle prior to my arrival, unless you do not want that area cleaned.

**Biohazards** such as mold, vomit, blood, urine, etc. require special products, tools, and personal protective equipment. Biohazard prices are based on multiple factors.  Please call for pricing. 

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Ceramic coating

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